Our Story

Panley has been engaging in paper toys over 20 years. Our business spreads all over the world in more than fifty countries and gains well-known international companies' favor such as Target, Toys R Us, Marks & Spencer and more. With China's rapid economic development, we are well aware 'Children are Our Future'. Education is China's national policy in priority. So, an ideal initiation is generated in our heart. We want to build up a series of enlightened learning materials suitable for Chinese children - Learning Kitds, helps children have greater development in learning and more important is how to learn in a happy environment.

The 'Kitds' of Learning Kitds is composed of two words - kits and kids. It means materials for kids. Our philosophy is to provide quality learning materials for the children.

"Learning Kitds" is a high-end branded educational material for children. It is the first choice for children in early development stage and provides unlimited entertainment for children in a 'play to learn' mode. Through well-designed games provided by European professional designers, children can be happy in a relaxed, feeling under no pressure environment to enhance the SIX learning elements of international development for children: Mathematics, Arts, Literacy, Cognitive, Physical and Science.

Each game in the six elements focuses on different aspects of the brain inspiration. Learning will no longer be a boring homework. A rich of interest learning mode will help children build up an active desire of learning attitude. In response to the need to exercise the children with different abilities, Learning Kitds combines many early childhood teaching professionals' founded works to establish a systematic, clear distinguishing usage of English learning materials. The materials perfectly balance teaching and fun, so that children master the self-learning ability, reject death remember learning mode. At the same time, it softly but effectively transfers knowledge and skill to children in various aspects under the six learning elements. It actually helps to upgrade children's abilities to which parents are the most satisfied. It's also what we are proud of. Since its launch, Learning Kitds has been welcomed by many parents because the entire process from drafting, design, production and testing are all strictly controlled. We even set up our own factory to produce our products, for the sake of giving children the best learning experience. We also focus on environmental conservation. Paper materials meet FSC forest certification while products comply with EU safety standards.

Let children have a "SMILEY PROGRESS" is Learning Kitds mission.